Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty Quince Dresses in Dallas TX

 Which of these pretty quince dresses do you like better?  The top quinceanera dress is from DaVinci and the bottom is from House of Wu.  Both are spectacular in their own special way.  Do you have a favorite?  Which color do you like better? 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Pretty Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas Texas

 What do you think about this Mariposa Q15 quinceanera dress?  Dallas has so many quince dress designers to choose from that it can be hard to make a decision on what dress you want to buy.  Just because a quinceanera dress looks pretty in a model's photo doesn't necessarily mean that it will look like that on everyone.  The key to finding the right quinceanera dress in Dallas is to try on as many styles as possible and take note of which dresses look best on your body type.  Then find the color you want.  Be sure that you can move and dance in your dress.  Remember, an uncomfortable 15 dress can make for an uncomfortable day!
Davinci Quinceanera Dresses

Allure Quinceanera Dresses Dallas

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mariposa Q15 Dresses in Dallas Texas

This spring collection from Mariposa Q15 is gorgeous!  They have really moved their style and fashion in the right direction.  This more mature look combines both style and innocence.  This is a well-blended dress!  I look for more good things from Mariposa this year and next.  There are a number of Dallas quinceanera dress stores that carry Mariposa.  Look for a complete list of these local Dallas quince stores coming soon!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and that you find that perfect quinceanera dress in Dallas that you've been looking for.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mori Lee Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas

 The 2011 Mori Lee Vizcaya collection is one of the best mass-manufactured lines of 15 dresses on the market today.  These beautiful quinceanera dresses come in all different styles and colors.  No matter what style you're looking for, you are sure to find it with Mori Lee.  The hardest part about Mori Lee is finding a store that keeps them in stock.  It can sometimes take 3-4 months to order a specific dress.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

15 Dresses in Dallas

 15 Dresses in Dallas

These beautiful Mori Lee Vizcaya quinceanera dresses are gorgeous.  They are from the new 2011 Mori Lee collection.  Which one do you like better?  Do you have a favorite 15 dress designer?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Quinceanera Dresses Dallas

Davinci Quince Dress

Davinci Quinceanera Dress

Tomas Benitez Quinceanera Dress

La Glitter Quinceanera Dress
Mori Lee Quinceanera

House of Wu 15 Dresses

Are you looking for quality quinceanera dresses in Dallas TX? If so, I can help you and your daughter narrow down your search for the perfect quinces dresses in Dallas. The number one thing to remember when looking for a quinceanera dress in Dallas is to be patient.

Once you know your budget, visit several different dress shops and try on at least 5 dresses at each location. This helps you get a feel for which dress styles fit your daughter’s body type the best. You can also price similar dresses this way. I’ve seen the exact same quinceanera dress cost $300 at on dress store and $450 at another! Shop around!

The second thing to be aware of is that you should never ever purchase a quinceanera dress online. There are way too many rip-offs. And most online quince stores make cheap quinces dresses and then hire a very good photographer and a beautiful model to make their poor product look as appealing as possible.

As a rule of thumb, you should never buy any type of clothing online from a company you have never done business with in the past. The problem is that you never know what you will get if you buy your clothing online. Many times the fabrics and colors of dresses you see online will be enhanced by computers.

Another thing to take into consideration is what type of body type your daughter has. Larger body types look best in v-neck designed tops and open backs. This streamlines the body and draws attention to our daughters’ beautiful faces and hair. The large, flowing skirt of traditional quinceanera dresses are also recommended over the more modern dresses on the market today.

If your daughter is smaller, you want to avoid a dress that swallows her up. Thick material is a no-no. Ruffled skirts are good. A good hairstylist can also help you here. Be sure to ask advice from salespeople about 15 dresses in Dallas TX. This goes the same when looking for quinceanera halls in Dallas TX. These people are experienced and usually willing to help. But don’t let them push you. Trust your gut instinct! In the end, we just want our daughters to look beautiful for their quinces and have fun dancing at the party!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dallas Quinceanera Dresses

dallas 15 dresses

What a stunning quinceanera dress from La Glitter!   This style of quinceanera dress combines both cultural tradition and a hint of modern sophistication.  And the pose is timeless!  What a beautiful combination!  If you're thinking of buying quinceanera dresses in Dallas, you should definitely look into getting a dress custom-made.  This way you don't have to worry about shipping from China and you don't have to worry about the dress being off-color or made of cheap material.  Just remember that when buying 15 dresses in Houston or Dallas, you usually get what you pay for!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas Texas

Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas TX

Hello Dallas Quinceaneras!  How are you today?  I know you must be getting excited about your sweet 15.  But what style of quinceanera dress are you going to buy?  Are you thinking of going traditional?  Modern?  Or something completely original?  Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will look absolutely beautiful on you.

There are some very important things you should be aware of as you shop for quinceanera dresses in Dallas, TX.  First, you should never buy a quince dress online.  This is an absolute recipe for disaster.  Of course the online quince dresses look great in the pictures, but you never know what that dress will look like on you once you take it out of the box.  Plus, the trying-on of dresses should be a bonding experience with your mom.  I’m sure she and your dad worked very hard to allow you to have your quince so you should listen to her as you go through the process.

You should visit at least three or four different dress shops in Dallas before buying a quinceanera dress.  This allows you to find different styles and colors while pricing the dresses you really like.  One store may have the same dress for $100 cheaper.  You never know until you go out and visit these dress shops. 

Quinceanera dresses are beautiful but they can also be uncomfortable.  An uncomfortable Quinceanera can make for a bad party, especially if she can’t dance how she wants to because of her dress.  So take the dress cut and material into account as you shop for your quinceanera dress.  Moms, you should always consider the comfort before buying a dress.    Thin, breathable material is often best, especially if the sweet 15 is held in the middle of summer.  The Dallas heat can be miserable, especially if the fiesta is held in a backyard or outside.  You should also ask your daughter these questions:

Is the quinceanera dress comfortable to sit in?
Does it breathe well in the heat?
How will it hold up as your daughter twists and turns? 
Does it chafe as she dances?

Different Dallas quinceanera dresses are made for different body types.  Try and choose one that accentuates your daughter’s best features.  Also, from a fashion standpoint, a lighter-colored dress typically works better with darker skin and darker-colored dresses work better with lighter skin.  But don’t be afraid to try them all on to see which colors look best on your daughter.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Sometimes the salespeople at quinceanera dress shops in Dallas can be pushy.  Always stand your ground and never settle for a dress until you and your daughter are completely sure!  If you have any doubt, sleep on it before buying.  You can always come back to the dress store the next day.

Good luck and happy hunting!  And remember that your daughter only turns 15 once.  This is her special day!  It is a parent’s duty to try and make her dreams come true!                 

House of Wu Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas TX

 The 2011 House of Wu quinceanera dresses are some of the most striking 15 dresses on the market today.  Which one of these dresses do you like the most?  Observe the incredible colors of each dress.  Unfortunately, when quinceanera dresses are mass-produced in China like the House of Wu quince collection is, you are rarely able to capture the same colors as their models wear.  If you are looking to buy a House of Wu dress, try to find one in stock and try it on before you buy.  This way you know exactly what you're getting before you pay hard-earned money for a Dallas quinceanera dress.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas TX

Which quince dress is your favorite?  Do you have a favorite quinceanera dress designer in Dallas?  Do you like LA Glitter?  Or do you like designers like Mori Lee and House of Wu?

15 Dresses in Dallas

 Which of these 15 dresses do you like better?  The top is from the Davinci quinceanera collection.  The bottom is a custom quinceanera dress.  Both are beautiful.  I think the answer depends on individual taste.  

Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas

 Are you looking to buy a quinceanera dress in Dallas?  15 dresses can be hard to choose from with so many on the market today.   

Rule #1 You should never buy one online.  If you try to buy online, you never know what you're going to get.  Oftentimes the dress material will be of poor quality and the color will be different from the beautiful pictures you see on the internet. 

Rule #2 Always go to a local Dallas quinceanera dress shop to buy your dress.  Try on at least 5-7 quinceanera dresses at 2 or 3 different stores.  This way you will get a good feel of what style dresses fit your body the best.

Rule #3 Trust your instinct.  If the dress feels too bulky or uncomfortable, it probably is.  Ask yourself if you would want to dance in that dress.  Would you want to sit for a long period of time in that dress?  Sometimes simpler is better, especially for girls with smaller frames.  There is nothing worse than buying a 15 dress that swallows you up.  Look for dresses that accentuate your best features.

More tips to come...