Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas Texas

Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas TX

Hello Dallas Quinceaneras!  How are you today?  I know you must be getting excited about your sweet 15.  But what style of quinceanera dress are you going to buy?  Are you thinking of going traditional?  Modern?  Or something completely original?  Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will look absolutely beautiful on you.

There are some very important things you should be aware of as you shop for quinceanera dresses in Dallas, TX.  First, you should never buy a quince dress online.  This is an absolute recipe for disaster.  Of course the online quince dresses look great in the pictures, but you never know what that dress will look like on you once you take it out of the box.  Plus, the trying-on of dresses should be a bonding experience with your mom.  I’m sure she and your dad worked very hard to allow you to have your quince so you should listen to her as you go through the process.

You should visit at least three or four different dress shops in Dallas before buying a quinceanera dress.  This allows you to find different styles and colors while pricing the dresses you really like.  One store may have the same dress for $100 cheaper.  You never know until you go out and visit these dress shops. 

Quinceanera dresses are beautiful but they can also be uncomfortable.  An uncomfortable Quinceanera can make for a bad party, especially if she can’t dance how she wants to because of her dress.  So take the dress cut and material into account as you shop for your quinceanera dress.  Moms, you should always consider the comfort before buying a dress.    Thin, breathable material is often best, especially if the sweet 15 is held in the middle of summer.  The Dallas heat can be miserable, especially if the fiesta is held in a backyard or outside.  You should also ask your daughter these questions:

Is the quinceanera dress comfortable to sit in?
Does it breathe well in the heat?
How will it hold up as your daughter twists and turns? 
Does it chafe as she dances?

Different Dallas quinceanera dresses are made for different body types.  Try and choose one that accentuates your daughter’s best features.  Also, from a fashion standpoint, a lighter-colored dress typically works better with darker skin and darker-colored dresses work better with lighter skin.  But don’t be afraid to try them all on to see which colors look best on your daughter.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  Sometimes the salespeople at quinceanera dress shops in Dallas can be pushy.  Always stand your ground and never settle for a dress until you and your daughter are completely sure!  If you have any doubt, sleep on it before buying.  You can always come back to the dress store the next day.

Good luck and happy hunting!  And remember that your daughter only turns 15 once.  This is her special day!  It is a parent’s duty to try and make her dreams come true!                 

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