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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tips on Buying Quinceanera Dresses in Dallas

Tips on Buying Quinceanera Dresses

  • Never buy a Quinceanera dress online!  This almost always results in disaster.  You never know what you're going to get.  Sizing, quality, fit, material, and cleanliness are serious issues.  Most of the online dress vendors often misrepresent the quality of their dresses.  I have rarely met someone that was happy buying their 15 dress online...
  • Visit a few different quinceanera dress shops in Dallas and try on at least a total of 5-6 dresses.  This way you can get a better feel of what styles look and fit the best. This way you can always go back if there are problems with the dress.  Or you can have them alter it for you. 
  • Quince dresses are glamorous, but they can also be very uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable 15 dresses can ruin even the best party.  Always consider the comfort level.  Beauty doesn't always have to be painful!Quinceanera dresses Dallas TX
  • Consider the dress material.  Will your daughter be able to dance in it? 15 dresses made of stretchy material usually allow flexibility and comfort while still being beautiful.
  • Different quinceanera dress styles are made for different body types.  Don't be afraid to ask questions like, "What style fits my daughter the best?"
  • More expensive dresses are not always the best. I have seen some homemade quinceanera dresses outshine even the most expensive boutique dress! Don't be afraid to look at some of the smaller, less expensive dress shops. They still have great dresses to choose from.
  • Colors.  There are so many different dress colors to choose from.  Pink, gold, royal blue, baby blue, red, and white are just a few of the more popular quinceanera colors.  Moms, as you know, different dress colors go better with certain skin tones.  Lighter skin tones go best with darker dress colors.  Girls with darker skin tones (especially summertime skin when the girls are outside a lot) are lucky because they can look great in just about any color.  But in the end, it will come down to what color your daughter feels most beautiful in.  Don't afraid to be bold!  Try on as many different colors as possible!

Quince Dresses

A few last thoughts on choosing 15 dresses in Dallas...

  • When you twist and turn while dancing or bend over to pick something up, will the dress give in areas where needed?
  • Will the dress be comfortable while sitting?   Remember, your daughter will be sitting for long periods of time.
  • How hot will the dress material get?  Does it breathe?  We all know how hot Dallas can get.  Imagine how uncomfortable a thick, heavy quinceanera dress would be in the Dallas summer heat.  Trust me on this one.  A comfortable daughter equals a happy mother.
  •  The more questions you ask, the more comfortable you will be with your final decision.  But don't forget the final and most important question:  Is your daughter happy with the dress?  Does it make her feel beautiful?  If you answer yes to this question, then your daughter's Quinceanera will always be one to remember!

 (Thanks to www.mydallasquinceanera.com for this article!)

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